How it Works:

Visiting me at The Ohio State Dental School, is slightly different from visiting your dentist down the street. I provide high-quality care, but it can sometimes require an extra step or two, and appointments can take a little longer because we have experienced doctors who review everything we do.

Phase 0

The Intake Phase

The intake phase is usually your first visit, it involves us meeting, taking x-rays  (unless you got them recently from another dentist and you can send them to us), and completing a bunch of forms. The forms include health history, dental history, oral cancer risk, gums evaluation, and examination for any pathology. At the end, we'll also put together your treatment plan of what you'll need moving forward. If we have time we can also do a cleaning.

Phase 1

The Issues Phase

This is the phase where we try to take care of your most pressing issues: painful tooth that needs to be pulled? Fractured front tooth? if it's an emergency issue or something that's been bothering you for awhile, I'll take care of it here first!

Phase 2

The Restorative Phase

The restorative phase is where we really get down to the business of dentistry and take care of most of your dental needs! Filling and any deep cleanings if you need it. We'll also start planning for more complex restorations like crowns, implants, and dentures.

Phase 3

The Definitive Phase

This final phase is where we take care of final, complex dentistry. Delivering crowns, bridges, making dentures, partial dentures, and implants all happen in this final phase after we handle everything else that you may need. Yes there are a lot of steps that lead here, but we want to make sure that this complex dental treatments will be successful.

I know that sounds like a lot, but it helps us provide you with the most comprehensive dental care. If that interests you, contact me below!

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